Great piece from Tom Roach (link below) on how it’s reach, attention, creativity, distinctiveness, consistency, emotion and motivation that deliver effective marketing communication and drive sustained, long term growth.
Towards the end of the piece he closes by stating how our obsession with the power of tech can drown out the importance of human creativity & imagination. Yet we need to remember it’s role. Marketing technology is mainly a delivery mechanism to get a brand’s communications in front of people. Whether it’s noticed, remembered, influences behaviour and succeeds is then mostly down to the power of the content triggering a positive response in the brain.
Marketing’s constant pursuit of all things shiny and new, the obsession with short term, performance marketing, and chasing ROI for ROI’s sake is something we need to temper. There’s undoubtedly a role for tech to ‘enable’ of course. But it’s about achieving the right balance between tech & activation and brand. What influences behaviour change amongst target audiences, what creates preference, what creates price elasticity, what drives long term growth AND underscores your short term activity is powerful, distinctive creative that’s recognised and builds your brand. Together with compelling messages that meet needs and answer challenges.
Your audience isn’t always in market when your short term tactical activity is delivered by your martech stack. But when they are in market, your brand building in channels that deliver reach has kept your brand alive in their mind, helping to influence their decision making.
To drive sustained growth by building a distinctive brand, creating impactful campaigns that command attention, and to craft emotive messages that resonate because they identify a truth your audience recognise, give us a shout. It’s what we do.

Article link: 7 Principles of Effective Marketing Communication

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