We bring businesses and people closer together.

Building brands that inspire, motivate, connect, and drive businesses forward.

As a brand marketing agency, we use the power of creativity to make your brand your competitive advantage.

We help you define what makes you distinctive, hone your point of view and communicate your value to change hearts and minds, and win more business.

From start to finish, concept to implementation, we’ll give you all the brand stuff, strategic stuff and marketing stuff you need to tackle your objectives head on. Full of confidence.

From establishing an identity, defining your value proposition and creating your positioning to developing compelling, insight-informed messaging and distinctive marketing that sets you apart from your competition, we help SME businesses of all shapes and sizes effectively communicate their value, stand out and connect with their audience.

There’s just a bit more below on what we do across brand, strategy and marketing communications that helps you show those that matter the brand, and business, you really are.

Let’s begin to give your business the brand it needs – letschat@foundry12.co.uk.

Brand development

Brand creation | Brand purpose | Brand values | Brand identity | Brand refresh | Brand guidelines

Strong brands create more successful businesses. They provide clarity of direction, create a framework that guides how a business should act, and embed long term behavioural change.
We help our clients understand and identify their brand platform and personality to define their proposition and build an identity. Creating a position of strength from which to consistently communicate with their customers and deliver on their objectives.
Whether identifying their vision, mission, values and proposition that defines their culture. Helping craft the personality, tone of voicelanguage that shapes how they interact and how they communicate. Or through translating this into a strong visual identity that creates a distinctive brand, and committing it all to paper (or pdf!) in the form of guidelines, we help them where they need it.


Positioning | Targeting | Message | Channel

The what, where, why, when to deliver a better customer journey experience.
Together with our clients, we plan what needs to happen, when it needs to happen and which channels it needs to happen in, to build campaigns that communicate effectively with their audience, where they hang out. Whether your objective is awareness, consideration or action, if you aren’t saying the right things, in the right places, at the right times, you’re wasting large chunks of your budget.
We establish market positioning, guide clients on channel strategy and craft messaging that gets to the heart of the relationship between a business and it’s audience.

Marketing & advertising

Creative & Design | Campaign development | Content | Copy | Email | Print | Digital | Social | Video | Outdoor | Direct Mail

We take on-board insight and client expertise, and we ask questions and listen, really listen, to the answers. That way we build up a real understanding of what our clients have to offer, how they meet the needs of their audience, and how they fit into their lives. The result? We develop compelling creative and emotionally intelligent messages that form powerful integrated campaigns or create beautifully constructed stand-alone marketing communications that demonstrate empathy and resonate.
From fresh new creative themes and campaign development to print advertising, digital, social, contentPPC, DM and outdoor, we deliver our client’s message effectively and build preference with their audience, across online and offline channels.


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