Ensuring access to the best available medicine

Assion support innovative pharmaceutical and Life Science companies, by developing and implementing Regulatory and Market Access strategies across Europe and the rest of the world, to maximise the potential of new drugs and medical solutions. As a new business they needed to define their brand and positioning, and develop their identity.

Meeting the brief:

Working with the principals of the newly formed business we posed a series of detailed questions and carried out workshops to glean insight into their reasons for establishing Assion, their beliefs and their ambitions. Probing to identify what Assion stands for and the value it offers clients. Collaborating with Pearce Creative Co., we built their brand platform and developed an identity that reflects what Assion represents, visually and tonally. Bringing the brand to life with the content for their new website.

  • Brand vision & mission

  • Brand values & positioning

  • Value proposition

  • Brand personality

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