A stand-out brand
that’s not just all bark

Raw dog food brand Naked Dog are on a mission. To give dogs only the best food with natural ingredients. They make products with nothing to hide, and they want to shout about it. Their products needed a brand that shares the same approach and wears its heart on its sleeve.

How we met the brief:

We worked closely with D2 Creative to define the brand identity and develop the brand positioning that’d allow Naked Dog to create a distinct offering from launch.

With a bold and colourful aesthetic, confident personality and forthright voice, the Naked Dog brand immediately stands out in a crowded marketplace, delivering on the brand’s approach of having nothing to hide.

Choosing the right food for your pet is an important responsibility, so key to the brand strategy was the use of simple packaging, clear copy, and an accessible and easy to use website, making the necessary information easy to digest.

  • Brand identity

  • Brand positioning

  • Value proposition

  • Messaging / copy

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