A brand new brand,
from idea to launch

With nothing more than the business idea, we teamed up with D2 Creative to develop a brand from scratch for Friendly Fruit Box Co. As a start up entering a market with healthy competition that had deeper pockets, we needed to help them build a brand that encapsulated their ethos. And make some noise to be heard.

Here’s how we delivered:

We worked with D2 Creative and the management team at Friendly Fruit Box Co. to create a completely fresh new brand. Workshops with the client allowed us to capture the essence of the new business and determine the right approach for the brand identity. Adopting a bold creative style, combined with uncomplicated messaging that possesses a fresh energy, we helped bring to life a quirky brand that’s instantly recognisable. A strong look and suite of cohesive brand elements helped to carve out a distinctive position for this new business, allowing them to cut through the clutter and stand apart from competitors.

  • Naming

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand personality

  • Tone of voice

  • Creative development

  • Website development

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