The (life) science of success

Solem Global is an international life sciences consultancy that ensure innovative treatments find their way to market and patients in need, through helping their clients navigate intricate product development and commercialisation challenges encountered in the process. Given the complex nature of their work, they needed a brand that delivered focus and clarity of message.

The launchpad for the brand:

Brought on board by partners Pearce Creative Co. we were charged with defining the foundation for the new business. A series of in-depth questionnaires and workshops aimed at establishing Solem’s reason for being and unearthing it’s value and positioning enabled us to develop their brand platform. With the brand platform crystallised, an identity and creative direction were developed that brought the brand to life visually, with messaging that reflected Solem’s position and value to the sector.

  • Brand vision & mission

  • Brand values & positioning

  • Value proposition

  • Brand personality & tone of voice

  • Copy, content – website, social

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