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A mutual society with a strong sense of community, Swansea Building Society are embarking on a transformation. In the way they offer their services and in the way they communicate those services. To begin the transformation process they needed to understand exactly what it is they stand for, and how their reason for being can help build healthy communities. We were called in to help them realise their brand.

The journey to discovery:

Delving into the business and understanding what it represents at it’s core enabled us to define a new brand platform that positions SBS as a community focused society with firm foundations in place and absolute clarity on their vision and mission. Building the brand and shaping it’s identity has helped build the Society, delivering a clear sense of purpose and the discovery of their true voice. Enabling them to speak in a human manner that removes jargon and financial speak to get to the heart of what it is they help people achieve.

  • Brand vision, mission & values

  • Value proposition & positioning

  • Brand personality & tone of voice

  • Creative development & web design

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